Glen Glassaugh peated

Information fra Glen Glassaugh:

For the last week of this year’s production we will be using malt which has been peated to a level of 30ppm. This is a one-off situation which we will be using to evaluate the impact of peating on Glenglassaugh. We will be filling this spirit into casks for our own use but have decided to also fill an extra 10 Octaves with this spirit.

We are offering these special Octaves for sale at a price of £600.00 each and initially are only offering them to existing Octave owners and they will only be offered for sale to others if they are not all sold in this offer. If we receive more than 10 requests then we will select the successful buyers at random and contact them for payment.

If you are interested in buying one of these casks please email me by Friday 27th November.

6 thoughts on “Glen Glassaugh peated

  1. Det kommer an på hvor mange der er med.
    Jeg gider godt at være med i en 10’ende del igen (måske en tolvte del…)

  2. Jeg er med på en 20 del ligesom de andre fade, har egentligt ikke behov for mere end en flaske, men vil da gerne smage dem op imod hinanden.


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