Whisky Israel SC06 noter

Whisky Israel har smagt på Cask SC06 og givet følgende smags noter:

Nose: flirty and a bit sulfur-ט but in a good way.. The sherry is quite evident with sweet dried fruit spent matches and a touch of cucumber brine and some smoke. Charred wood and a sour touch. Good balance.
Palate : big and rich with butterscotch and honeyed syrup as well as dried fruit, smoke, more dirty sherry and gunpowder,spices and a touch of chilly infused milk chocolate quite a lot of Sulfur but that fits in nicely
Finish : dark red fruit, chocolate, butterscotch.
A very good whisky considering the short maturation (yes yes, Octave casks work faster, but still!). Highly recommended if you are not afraid of some sulfur notes, I quite like the flinty sherry profile. Good stuff.
Score: 88/100


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