News from Stuart

For those of you who have been following my ramblings during last year, you will remember that we produced a small amount of peated spirit at the end of the year. While we are still awaiting the analyses of the spirit and the measured phenol levels, both Graham and I were pleased with the taste of the spirit and are sure that this will produce excellent whisky in future years.

Glen Glassaugh peated

Information fra Glen Glassaugh:

For the last week of this year’s production we will be using malt which has been peated to a level of 30ppm. This is a one-off situation which we will be using to evaluate the impact of peating on Glenglassaugh. We will be filling this spirit into casks for our own use but have decided to also fill an extra 10 Octaves with this spirit.

We are offering these special Octaves for sale at a price of £600.00 each and initially are only offering them to existing Octave owners and they will only be offered for sale to others if they are not all sold in this offer. If we receive more than 10 requests then we will select the successful buyers at random and contact them for payment.

If you are interested in buying one of these casks please email me by Friday 27th November.


Der er nu modtaget certifikater på at vi er ejerne af flg. fade

SC006 which was filled on 22nd June 2009 with 51 litres of spirit at a strength of 63.5% abv
SC007 which was filled on 22nd June 2009 with 50 litres of spirit at a strength of 63.5% abv

“The casks will now remain on our warehouse at Sandend Bay on Scotland’s Morray Firth coast.”

Status 19/6-2009

Vi har nu betalt for fadene, så der er ved at ske noget:

We will fill your 2 casks on either Monday or Tuesday of next week and will send you a digital photograph of the casks.